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Uncle Tom The President

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Uncle Tom The President

Never in the history of the world has a president been so willing and so competent to take the reins of a nation stampeding toward separatism; wallowing in hate; and clamoring for self destruction and steer that world into thecopious horizons of beauty and wholesomeness to be visible and evident for all to see and experience. A president that even Donald Trump could love. The world will be forever grateful for Uncle Tom The President

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What you will find inside the book


Human and animal limbs were hanging from trees, like leaves in springtime. Eyeballs, tongues, teeth and skulls floated in waves of blood and lava that flooded the corpse-saturated streets. The only sign of life for miles were the ravenous vultures that had returned for an unexpected breakfast feast. While this atrocity would have been breaking news and front-page headlines for most countries, human beings worldwide have a history of routinely elevating sensationalism above catastrophe. Across the continents, humans were exercising their sensationalistic prerogative yet again on the grandest stage for sensationalism known to man, America.

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You know me, I have been with you all of your life. I was with you as you snuggled comfortably into your mother’s womb. I was with you as you laughed incessantly along those celebratory paths to joy and with you as you cried while struggling down those seemingly endless mournful roads of sadness. I will be with you when you settle lastly into the long awaiting arms of time immemorial. Come! Before you go, join me! Another incredible path has been paved just for you, a path that will lead to wondrous insights never before imaginable.
If anyone should ask you where you are going, tell them on an adventure of timeless knowledge and understanding. When they ask you with whom you are going, smile and joyfully profess, with God Almighty.

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